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7 Benefits of Managed Service Providers for Business

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Solutions for Service Providers

A managed service provider offers an excellent catalog of solutions for the Service Provider, from security to network management and monitoring infrastructure, not to mention the more traditional solutions support and remote management of PCs.

Antivirus As A Service

The antivirus as managed service provides both the end customer and the supplier many advantages. A managed service provider offers the service as an alternative to traditional antivirus software, being in most, easier to manage and more profitable for the supplier more economical cases.

Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity as a Service Managed

Disastery solutions Recovery and Business Continuity enabling a rapid recovery of servers, applications and critical data in the event of a disaster. A managed service provider proposes easy to implement, reliable and very profitable for the service provider solutions. Unlike other solutions, which an MSP offers are designed specifically for a multi-client model managed service provider.

Remote Management of PCs and Servers

The solutions provides for managing PCs and servers include features like automatic inventory, configuration management and application control, patch management software, automatic software installation and more.

Remote Monitoring of Networks and Infrastructures

MSPs offer solutions for remote monitoring and network management (RMM), designed specifically to provide multi-client services remotely. These solutions let you know at all times the status of their servers, routers, enterprise applications and other critical aspects of its infrastructure. Through automatic notifications and alerts to potential problems before users notice it, which falls and service degradations are avoided.

Managed Security as a Service

Information security is one of the great opportunities for service providers because many customers do not have the infrastructure, personnel and experience in computer security and prefer to be left to experts. We propose a number of interesting solutions that will help expand its range of managed security services.

Technical and Help Desk Support for Service Providers

Technical support is one of the most important aspects of the service provider. We offer several systems to manage technical support to external customers, which provide more than traditional solutions Service Desk, manage customer contracts, SLAs, multi-company, multi-language and more.

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Your Company

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If you read this article you will learn the true importance of preventive maintenance as an element of great value to avoid failures in the PC, avoiding many of the causes of these injuries that affect our computers.

Much of the problems that arise in computer systems can be avoided or prevented if we carry out periodic preventive maintenance of each of the components of the PC.
There are two great enemies of your PC that are heat and moisture. Excess heat accelerates the deterioration of the delicate circuits in your computer. The most common causes of overheating are dust and dirt: ventilation ducts and dense fans can block the flow of air inside the cover, and even thinner layer of powder can raise the temperature of the components your machine. So you need to keep your system clean inside and out.

The main objective of preventive maintenance is to lengthen the life of the computer and avoid possible failures in the future, and basically consists of the physical cleaning Internal and External computer equipment.

Basically you need to clean the external components and internal components found inside the CPU cabinet.
Among external components may include the cabinet, monitor, keyboard and mouse, and within the internal components that should be cleaned, the motherboard, adapter cards, cables and connectors, power supply are, RAM, fans, drives DVDs, CDs.

The frequency with which you should implement this type of maintenance depends on the computer environment basically, but must also bear in mind the quality of the components thereof. If the PC is in an extremely dirty environment should be cleaned on average every three months, but in clean office environments cleaning should be performed on average once or twice a year.

Although there are on the market a variety of elements that facilitate the task of cleaning tools you should use:

  • A blower or Blower.
  • Foam to clean carcasses.
  • Contact cleaner spray.
  • A small soft brush.
  • Several hygienic cotton swabs.
  • Screwdriver
  • Pieces of flannel.
  • An eraser
  • An antistatic wrist strap
  • thermal grease

Special considerations for cleaning the PC:

Do not touch the edge connectors cards and memory modules with fingers as moisture and fat they form deposits that eventually corrode the contacts.
Certain elements merit a more complete unloved to remove dust from inside as the power source and sink-fan set the CPU.

All environment where working with PCs should be as clean as possible of dust and other contaminants.